Illinois car insurance

Three easy to fix Illinois car insurance mistakes that could help you save a bunch of money

Each and every single year, hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of Illinois automobile owners make major mistakes when it comes to their car insurance that ends up costing them hundreds and even potentially thousands of dollars.

Unless you are cool with the idea of quite literally throwing money right out the window, wasting those hard-earned dollars on coverage policy details that aren’t helping you in any way whatsoever, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the details we included below to help you get back on track and save a boatload of money on your Illinois car insurance from

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Stopped carrying unnecessary coverage riders

A lot of people have way more (WAY more) insurance coverage on their policy than they need, and it’s costing them a lot of money each year.

Now, it’s critically important to be able to distinguish between extra insurance that you want to take advantage of (extra liability coverage, for example) and unnecessary insurance protection – like medical insurance that would have already been covered by other insurance policies you’ve already taken out.

If you want to immediately cut costs on your Illinois car insurance, simply eliminate as many of the unnecessary coverage riders from your policy as you can.

Drop car rental and towing from your Illinois car insurance policy

You’ll also want to be sure to eliminate car rental and towing from your car insurance policy, especially if you don’t see yourself using this kind of coverage in the future.

Honestly, renting a car in an emergency situation is probably only going to set that $20 a day or so, and you might only find yourself requiring a tow truck in very rare and extreme circumstances – and even then, most of the time you’ll be able to use credit card policies or AAA coverage.

Don’t upgrade your security system to drop your Illinois car insurance premiums

Finally, don’t get sucked into the trap of spending $1000 or more a cutting-edge security system to install in your vehicle just to drop your Illinois car insurance premiums.

Most of the time, you won’t ever be able to recoup enough savings to even cancel out the investment – let alone stretch out the timeline so that this kind of investment makes you money.