New York homeowners insurance

Negotiation secrets to land better New York homeowners insurance

Understanding that your home is one of your largest financial investment, and likely will be one of the biggest financial investments you make in your lifetime, it’s absolutely mission critical to protect that investment with quality New York homeowners insurance.

And while just about every single New York homeowner understands the value of carrying quality homeowners insurance, the overwhelming majority of them are paying way too much for their homeowners insurance – without even knowing that they are in the first place!

This is because they take the quotes they received from these companies at face value, as though they were poured in concrete and unchangeable, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Armed with these negotiation tactics, you should be able to land the very best New York homeowners insurance available from while at the same time paying a whole lot less for it.

Know your numbers ahead of time

The whole backbone of negotiating for the best New York homeowners insurance available at the very best price is going to come down to knowing all of your numbers ahead of time.

You’re going to need to know exactly how much your home is worth, how much your home is assessed at, how much you’re paying in property taxes, how much comparable homes are pain in New York homeowners insurance premiums, and any other figures and facts that enter into the equation.

Without preparing yourself with these numbers ahead of time, you’re going to be at the mercy of homeowners insurance professionals that ALWAYS have access to the data and will have it right in front of them while you’re negotiating.

Be friendly, but firm

Secondly, you need to adopt a negotiating personality before you even begin the process.

You’re going to want to be just as friendly and as conciliatory as possible, but you’re also going to want to remain firm in your quest to get the very best prices for the very best coverage.

This means that you’re going to need to push back at least a little bit in the negotiation process (after all, that’s what a negotiation process is all about), something that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with until they adopt the friendly but firm personality.

Don’t be afraid to walk

Finally, understand that there are always going to be other companies that are eagerly excited to do business with you on your terms in the New York homeowners insurance arena.

If a deal isn’t to your liking, don’t be shy about walking away.